Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee consists of people who have cerebral palsy, parents of children with cerebral palsy and professionals who work in the area of Cerebral Palsy or who have an interest in this subject.  They are:

  • Gill Young – Chair
  • Cheryl Honeycombe – Vice Chair
  • Mary Townend – Hon. Treasurer
  • Shirley Kenneally – Hon. Secretary
  • Joyce Brashaw
  • Trudie Christmas
  • Charlene Cooper
  • Sarah Dearing
  • Clare Padgham
  • Jan Spring
  • Joanne Syvret
  • Nicki Wade

We meet as a Committee four times a year plus the Annual General Meeting. Applications for funding that have been approved prior to the meeting are ratified and recorded accordingly. Transparency is essential, and we publish the minutes from our Committee meetings online. The latest minutes, from February 12 2018, can be read here.

For further details on what we do, you can read the latest version of our leaflet here.

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