Our Aims

 Our Aims

The aims of Winchester & District Scope Charity are:

  • To provide information, advice and support for people with cerebral palsy and their families and carers
  • To provide financial support through grants to individuals and families
  • To assist adults and families who live within our catchment area of Winchester  and  Eastleigh.

What We Do

We assist individuals who are facing a crisis, such as the sudden breakdown of essential domestic equipment, or where financial assistance is required in  order to obtain therapy or equipment that is vital to them or their children.

How Do We Do It?

We meet quarterly to consider applications submitted. If approved a cheque is sent.   Only in the case of a more emergency need will all Executives be consulted for their approval if no meeting is imminent..   A cheque can then be sent and advice made where appropriate.

Referrals may come through Social Services, NHS Paediatric Physio and Occupational Therapists, other voluntary organisations or people may self refer.

Establishments such as schools can also come to us for help. They may have a child who needs a special piece of equipment in order to fully benefit from school but which cannot be met from any other source.


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