Respite Break

Published November 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

We have become increasingly aware of problems encountered by adults trying to find carers. With their PiP budgets in principle they merely have to find those carers willing to meet their needs: not an easy task. They are thin on the ground and not always willing, leaving individuals unable to care for themselves.

It is admirable that Local Authorities now provide adapted homes for disabled adults of all ages. However, for this to succeed, good care needs to be provided to enable people to be safe in their own homes.

Unfortunately with cuts W&D Scope has been involved in helping solve in a situation where an older woman whose live-in carer was herself in need of a break and had booked a holiday, meant searching and advertising for a carer(s) without success.

With time running out, the option offered by us was a week’s stay at a holiday home for people with disabilities at Netley. Costly as it was, she had no alternative but to go and we helped towards the cost. Fortunately, she enjoyed her stay although it was “Youth Week”.

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