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Hydrotherapy sessions at Jack’s Place

October 12, 2014 - Comments Off on Hydrotherapy sessions at Jack’s Place

For one little girl, a switch of these sessions had to be organised when the Pinder Centre closed.  Jack’s Place agreed to step in.  We know how beneficial these sessions can be, helping to improve mobility, but they can be a drain on the family budget.

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Tumble Dryer

October 12, 2014 - Comments Off on Tumble Dryer

A young man known to us for many years, and living independently, was struggling to replace his much needed tumble dryer.  Our help to buy another was much appreciated.

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Washing Machine replacement

October 12, 2014 - Comments Off on Washing Machine replacement

When the family washing machine breaks down it is always an emergency.  Meeting that unexpected expense can also be stressful. made worse by the high cost of using a launderette.    With a teenage daughter who has cerebral palsy they had tried to take the reconditioned route but that failed.  We pride ourselves in being able to step in quickly when necessary so made immediate contact, discussed the situation and advised her to get some quotes.  We met the cost and she was able to buy and have it installed within a week.

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Monty 3D Eye Control Equipment

October 12, 2014 - Comments Off on Monty 3D Eye Control Equipment

A little girl had one of these Eye Controls accurately fitted to her wheelchair at school.  It  improved her reading ability and helped her gain control of her eyesight.   Another was needed for her wheelchair at home so her progress could continue.  We had no hesitation supporting this family.   The benefits must be immeasurable.

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Komfi Rider Wheelchair repairs

October 12, 2014 - Comments Off on Komfi Rider Wheelchair repairs

Hearing that one of our General Member’s wheelchair had become unsafe we visited to see for ourselves.   The repairs were too costly for her.  Unable to get out obviously limited her life and we therefore arranged for its repair and met the cost.  We have also helped towards a modest holiday which may seem extremely expensive but is due to the cost of extra staffing required to meet her personal needs.  Her break from her small flat brought a huge smile to her face that showed us how much it had meant to her.  

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Wheelchair for University teenager

October 12, 2014 - Comments Off on Wheelchair for University teenager

Starting at college is always exciting and stressful.  One such young lady. however. is needing a new wheelchair that can accommodate the changes in her condition.  We hope our donation towards the final cost will assist her parents at what is always a costly time for any family.   A good, reliable and comfortable wheelchair should help her start her student life with more confidence.

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Tomcat Tricycle

October 12, 2014 - Comments Off on Tomcat Tricycle

The Paediatric Occupational Therapist of a little 4 year old girl with athetoid (uncontrolled) movements in all 4 limbs, supported the appeal from her parents for a grant towards the cost of a Tomcat trailer trike.  She used one at school and would benefit from having one at home.  With matched funding from two other charities a Trike was bought. Now, two years later, the parents of a little 3 year old boy with cerebral palsy and multiple problems were advised that he too would benefit from a Trike.   His Nursery applied to us  for a grant but during the […]

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Thanks Winchester & District Scope!

March 14, 2009 - Comments Off on Thanks Winchester & District Scope!

We are all aware of how challenging it is to get any employment in the current economic climate. I graduated with a first class honours degree in Broadcasting in June 2008 and have since been looking for my first job in the media industry. However, whilst trying to compete in one of the most saturated job markets, I wanted to try my hand at volunteering. My mum has been working at Winchester Citizens Advice Bureau for the past few years and encouraged me to apply for a volunteer position there. My application was accepted and the bureau manager was keen […]

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