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New wheelchair parts to create a functional wheelchair

February 29, 2020 - Comments Off on New wheelchair parts to create a functional wheelchair

A family contacted us for funding so that they could buy some new parts to make their son’s  manual wheelchair functional again.   He was not able to travel on school transport until he had a suitable head rest.   His parents were also hoping to get some light-weight second hand wheels (and some new spoke guards) as well as an appropriate foot rest.  Funding was granted and their son now has a functioning wheelchair in which his parents hope he will sit up straighter in and get in and out of more easily. 

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Duo Powerpack

December 21, 2018 - Comments Off on Duo Powerpack

A young 16 year old lad who is rapidly growing  was in need of a Duo Pack for his new manual wheelchair about to be delivered. At 5’11” his mother and teachers were struggling to push him manually and with our grant the Duo Pack has now been bought and fitted .    

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Piggyback Tag-along Trike

August 8, 2018 - Comments Off on Piggyback Tag-along Trike

We were pleased to hear from the parents of a young boy who we had heard about for the first time at our 2017 AGM the topic of which was “Celebrating Achievements”. All the family are keen cyclists and out regularly as a family. They wished to buy a Piggyback Trike which could be attached to either mother’s bike or father’s wheelchair.    Unfortunately although we could help to an extent, the remaining cost was not achievable for them.   The parents then considered an alternative which would help and have settled for a freewheel adaptation to allow him to take […]

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Transfer Sling

August 8, 2018 - Comments Off on Transfer Sling

The parents of this young girl who is familiar to us, were struggling with helping to transport her now she is a teenager. Their request for a Promove Transfer Sling had been supported by her physiotherapist and so we agreed to the grant to meet the cost. We also passed on the safety aspects of such slings.  

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Hamstring Stretching

August 8, 2018 - Comments Off on Hamstring Stretching

A family contacted us regarding the need of their teenage son for equipment to help with  hamstring stretching when at home. The experts on our Executive Committee expressed some concerns about the viability of their first suggestion and after discussions with the family we were pleased to meet the cost of the alternatives suggested. Such situations demonstrated to us the value of having Executive Committee Members with extra expertise giving us guidance when considering applications.  For this reason our Executive Committee Members prefer to be able to discuss requests received.    

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Conductive Education Children’s Services

June 7, 2018 - Comments Off on Conductive Education Children’s Services

The family of this little girl  have seen how much she has benefitted from attending The Rainbow Centre which provides essential support for children with cerebral palsy (and adults) with neurological impairment. They therefore wished to take her for regular sessions which were costly and like so many such families they had experienced problems.    We agreed to assist towards the costs.

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Go to Seat

June 7, 2018 - Comments Off on Go to Seat

The parents of this little girl, who was already known to us, contacted us as she had outgrown her Go 2 Seat which had become uncomfortable.   Because it attaches to ordinary chairs  it enables the little lass to sit at table with everyone else rather than stay in her wheelchair.    We welcomed this request and issued a grant to meet the cost of a larger model.

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General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

April 27, 2018 - Comments Off on General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Due to the new GDPR which will take effect from May 2018, we are required to seek the permission of everyone on our ‘contact members list’  in order to retain their personal data. These details are : their name, address, email, phone number and name and age of child if relevant This information is held on our protected computer site and all printed items are filed in our lockable filing cabinet. We also continue to practice our policy that such information is private and confidential and never passed on to any other agency. Those wishing to remain on our contact list […]

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Mobility Support Harness to dog

April 10, 2018 - Comments Off on Mobility Support Harness to dog

We were pleased to welcome another family unknown to us.  Their request too was a first for us:  a Mobility Support Harness. Recommended by her Physiotherapist and supported by her Vet, this harness would help her to walk with the aid of her beloved dog.  After verifying that the harness should work well for her and the dog is a large dog with a gentle temperament, we approved a grant. We look forward to seeing how well she is getting on with it.

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Power-aided Wheelchair

April 10, 2018 - Comments Off on Power-aided Wheelchair

Pleased to hear from a family new to us, we were able to assist with a grant towards a power aided wheelchair that would enable this young lady to become more independent . This was especially important as she was looking forward to starting at a local 6th form college and being able to get there unaided.    We later learned how beneficial it had been in gaining access to her own home.

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